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Auto and Home Insurance in Kennesaw, GA

white Volkswagen Jetta parked beside house with auto and home insuranceAt Plemons Insurance Agency, we believe that your property deserves the protection provided by auto and home insurance because they are extensions of you and are symbols of your journey to success.

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Home Insurance

From fire damage, theft and natural calamities to liability protection, home insurance can help provide critical financial protection.

If you have a mortgage on your home, you often must maintain home insurance. Having appropriate insurance may be required before you close the home loan.

Our agents tailor home insurance policies to match your home’s specific needs.

Auto Insurance

Georgia requires all drivers to maintain auto liability insurance. If you lease or finance a vehicle, the lienholder may also require full coverage auto insurance.

Whether it’s collision coverage, comprehensive protection or liability insurance, our policies are designed to cover every twist and turn. Our agents will help you choose add-ons that match your driving habits and car type. From roadside assistance to rental car coverage, we’ll craft the policy that suits you best.

Should You Bundle Home and Auto Insurance?

While insurance premiums may seem like significant financial investments, you should not cut corners on securing adequate coverage. Instead, it may be optimal to consider ways to retain suitable insurance while maximizing cost-effectiveness, such as purchasing an auto and home insurance bundle.

Is it Cheaper to Bundle Your Insurance?

In most cases, bundling your insurance together can lead to significant overall savings. Many insurance companies are likely to offer reduced rates should you purchase multiple policies from them. In addition, bundling your insurance with the same company may simplify making payments, contacting your agent and renewing coverage.

How to Get the Best Insurance Bundle

Getting bundled coverage from top-rated insurance companies may help you get a discount on your coverage. Your agent can get multiple home and auto insurance quotes and compare coverage to help you get favorable rates.

Contact Plemons Insurance Agency today to explore personalized auto and home insurance bundle quotes.

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