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Business owners and leaders must take steps to secure their organizations’ financial interests and prospects with business insurance. Unfortunately, accidents, errors and other incidents may inevitably impact companies and derail their operations regardless of risk mitigation or safety measures. Implementing and maintaining the right loss control measures, including a sufficient insurance portfolio, can be critical.

What Does Business Insurance Cover?

This type of insurance is typically multifaceted and may consist of several separate policies. When appropriately assembled from various components, a suitable business insurance portfolio may provide financial protection from many potential incidents and perils. Consider investing in the following types of insurance:

  • Commercial property insurance may help pay to repair or replace your company’s physical assets, including structures, equipment, furniture and inventory.
  • General liability insurance can offer financial relief following incidents affecting other parties, including bodily harm, property damage and personal injuries.
  • Business interruption insurance may compensate your organization for losses and expenses arising from delays or disruptions in regular operations.
  • Business owners policy insurance may be a cost-effective and convenient coverage choice for small- and medium-sized enterprises, as they can typically combine the coverages offered by commercial property, general liability and business interruption insurance under a single arrangement.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance can provide funds and resources to your employees injured on the job or who develop work-related illnesses.
  • Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance, can provide financial assistance if a client or other party accuses your business of delivering substandard services or advice.
  • Cyber liability insurance can financially protect your company from losses arising from data breaches and other cyber incidents.
  • Commercial auto insurance may help pay for the fiscal consequences of incidents involving your motor vehicles.

Why is it Important

Planning for unfortunate and unexpected circumstances is integral to responsible business operations. Your leaders must ensure the company can to endure and recover from potential incidents, and business insurance plays a critical role in these capabilities. Companies may face mountainous out-of-pocket losses without adequate coverage, potentially jeopardizing their futures entirely.

Where to Get it

At Plemons Insurance Agency, we take pride in helping organizations in the  and , , areas understand their coverage needs and secure appropriate but affordable insurance plans. Contact us today to learn more.

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